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Compare Quotes
Efficiently Compare Quotes on a Single Screen

OS Intelligent Procurement Platform's one-screen solution simplifies quote comparison by analyzing and highlighting the top choices from reliable suppliers, ensuring effortless and informed decision-making.

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Compare Quotes on One Screen
Compare Quotes on One Screen

Effortlessly Review and Compare Received Quotes.

Effortlessly Compare Multiple Quotes on One Screen!  No more taking notes on the phone or sifting through emails trying to find all the quotes from suppliers and printing them out or putting them into an Excel sheet for comparison. Our Platform Automatically Highlights the Best Prices and Services. We Also Provide a Communication Feature for Seamless Negotiations, All Documented in the Same Transaction for Easy Reference in Case of Disagreements.

Accept the Quote and Continue to Next Step.

At your fingertips, you can accept a quote, which will promptly notify the supplier of the next steps, whether the supplier provides a sales order or you submit a purchase order to formalize the order acceptance. You can also request updates to your order based on your criteria, ensuring transparency and minimizing potential issues.

Compare Quotes on One Screen

Discover the Power of OrcaSmart Intelligent Procurement Platform

Discover the OS Procurement Platform and learn how it can streamline your entire procurement journey, significantly reducing your overall costs.

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