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Effortlessly Expand Your Supplier Network

Simply create an RFP, invite existing suppliers, and leverage OSAI to match you with addtional suppliers for competitive quotes. Stay on the cutting edge of fair market pricing to ensure you never overpay.


OSAI Automates Your Search for Reliable Suppliers

OSAI revolutionizes the procurement process by automating the search for reliable suppliers. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, it identifies and connects you with trustworthy vendors tailored to your specific needs. This innovative platform streamlines supplier discovery, ensuring you find the best matches efficiently, enhancing your supply chain reliability and business efficiency.

Create an RFP
Request For Proposal

Easily create a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ) from the products page. You have the option to invite your current suppliers for quotes, and OSAI will also match you with additional suppliers to submit their quotes. This process allows you to effectively compare pricing and services, ensuring you receive the best value and quality for your needs.


Packaging Suppliers
Access to 800+ Suppliers Worldwide 

Our expansive platform boasts a vast database of over 800 suppliers from around the globe, offering a wide range of products and services. This diverse collection of suppliers ensures that you have access to a multitude of options, catering to various business needs and specifications. Whether you're looking for niche products or mainstream solutions, our extensive network connects you with reliable suppliers worldwide, simplifying your procurement process and enhancing your global sourcing capabilities.

Effortless Supplier Discovery
OSAI Supplier Matching Automation

OSAI streamlines your procurement with automated supplier discovery, removing the hassle of manual searches. Each RFP brings you multiple pre-screened, reliable suppliers, vetted by OSAI for quality assurance. Effortlessly build and expand your supplier database.


Discover the Power of OrcaSmart Intelligent Procurement Platform

Discover the OS Procurement Platform and learn how it can streamline your entire procurement journey, significantly reducing your overall costs.

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