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Business Intelligent Work Platform
From planning to execution and budget control

Transforming Bold Ideas into Powerful Outcomes:
Solve Your Most Pressing Teamwork Efficiency and Communication Issues with the OrcaSmart Intelligent Work Platform.

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Control Spending

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Timing Control

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Approval Request


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Project Scope Plan

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Tracking Progress

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Team Meeting

Work Planning
Define Scope and Set Budget

Begin your project by defining the scope and allocating a budget for each task. Then, assign tasks to your team, giving them the autonomy to craft completion strategies and keep you in sync with their progress. Offer the flexibility to request additional resources, ensuring efficient execution and the ability to overcome challenges for successful outcomes. 

Team Interaction & Collaboration
Engagement Among Stakeholders

Boost your team's efficiency with our innovative platform, designed to enhance interaction and collaboration. It enables seamless communication, idea sharing, and progress tracking in real time. Our intuitive features encourage collaboration, breaking down barriers to innovation. Coordinate projects, brainstorm solutions, and ensure every contribution is valued.

Budget Controlling 
Control Spending From the Bottom Up

Empower your team with task-specific budgets to heighten spending awareness and promote cost efficiency, not only embedding financial responsibility into your operations but also enhancing flexibility for real-time resource adjustments. The bottom-up budgeting approach improves fiscal responsibility, helping to meet financial objectives.

Designed to minimize company operating costs

OrcaSmart is designed to handle the complexities from project planning to the procurement of necessary resources and progress monitoring. It addresses the significant time wasted on searching for answers, sorting emails and folders, switching between platforms, and making countless phone calls, all to find that a comprehensive project understanding is still lacking, consuming valuable time and resources.

Assign tasks to your team members and oversee the project's progress.

Initiate a project, define its scope and budget, and assign tasks to your team, allowing them to develop task completion strategies and further delegate tasks to their team members. Additionally, stakeholders have the option to request additional resources as needed. This approach ensures broad team involvement and seamless collaboration, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the entire project.


Work Planned


Daily B2B Request


Daily RFP Value


Businesses Joined

Modern, User-Friendly Interface

Easily initiate a project and track work progress from anywhere, at any time with our platform. We combine cloud-based technology with a simple, flexible interface for hassle-free project management on the move.

Simplify your Business Process now.

Book a personalized demo to see the OrcaSmart Intelligent work platform in action.

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