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OrcaSmart Marketing Services

Leads prospecting and conversion

One of the most significant expenses and time-consuming challenges for businesses is the constant effort required by sales teams to prospect and convert these prospects into hot leads. We can dramatically lower your lead generation and qualification expenses with our solutions.

Our Process

Cost on Buy 10,000 Leads Average: $2000+

Purchasing leads from lead generation companies like Apollo or ZoomInfo, or from specialists, can often be expensive. Moreover, there's a high chance of encountering inaccurate leads with invalid emails or phone numbers, or leads that don't align with your target industry. This not only wastes resources but also makes acquiring relevant information costly.


OrcaSmart Marketing Included in your price plan

With OrcaSmart, there's no need to spend time and resources sourcing uncertain leads. We handle that for you. We provide only the leads where customers have already shown interest, complete with details on their requirements, timeline, and accurate contact information. This allows your sales team to focus solely on building meaningful relationships and closing deals.

Have your internal sales team contact leads
$150.00+ Per Qualified Leads

Engaging a caller for lead outreach can be costly, often exceeding $2 per cold call. When a salesperson assumes this responsibility, the costs escalate. Successfully engaging a conversation and converting a lead into a potential buyer can drive expenses more than $150 or more per qualified lead. Remember, sales is a numbers game; the more potential customers you contact, the higher your chances of closing deals.


OrcaSmart Marketing Included in your price plan
$9.75 Per Qualified Leads

At OrcaSmart, our marketing team is trained by Sales Experts with over 30 years of experience. We specialize in turning engagements into potential buyers. Each marketer makes 200+ cold calls and sends 100+ PVC (Personalization. Value. Call-to-action)-focused emails daily, yielding 7 to 10 quality leads. All this at just an average of $9.75 per qualified lead, is more cost-effective than Google PPC Ads. Plus, we boost your company's industry visibility.

Talk to our marketing experts to find out how we do it.

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