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OS Meeting & Tasking

Redefine collaboration dynamics and goal achievement, enhance communication, and ensure accountability.

Meeting & Tasking

Streamline team coordination by simplifying meeting scheduling, agenda creation, task assignment, follow-up actions, and task tracking, enhancing team communication and accountability for better collaborative outcomes.

Increased Efficiency

Automating the scheduling and coordination of meetings can significantly save time. OS Meeting & Tasking simplifies this process by automatically identifying suitable meeting times for all participants, dispatching invitations, and setting up reminders. This feature allows employees to dedicate less time to administrative tasks like organizing meetings and more time to productive work, enhancing overall efficiency.

Group meeting invite
Better Preparation

Automated reminders enhance meeting productivity by ensuring all participants receive timely notifications about agendas, pre-read materials, and action items from previous gatherings. This system of alerts helps everyone come to the meeting well-prepared, leading to discussions that are more focused and effective.

Meeting & Tasking
Enhanced Accountability

When tasks are assigned during a meeting, automating the distribution of minutes and action items can ensure that everyone knows their responsibilities. Automated follow-ups and deadline reminders keep tasks on track and individuals accountable.

Scope of Work
Error Reduction

Manual task assignments and follow-up are prone to errors. Automation reduces the risk of tasks falling through the cracks or deadlines being missed due to human error.

Data Collection and Analysis

Automated systems collect data on how meetings and tasks are managed over time, providing insights into bottlenecks and inefficiencies. This data can be used to optimize processes and improve meeting and task management strategies.

Meeting Dashboard
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