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Efficiently Manage Inventory Across Multiple Locations. Gain Informed Insights for Better Decisions.

Warehouse Insights

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How OS iWMS Works 

Revolutionizes the way companies manage order fulfillment and inbound shipping processes. By leveraging advanced interactive warehouse management systems, businesses can now automate the entire order process from order receipt to shipment.

The system checks current inventory levels and, if necessary, triggers an alert to restock, ensuring that popular items are always available.

Easy to Use

The interactive Warehouse Management System (iWMS) is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for warehouse staff to monitor and manage inventory. With its intuitive interface, workers can quickly track orders, assess stock levels, and view tasks with just a few clicks. Automated alerts keep everyone on track, and the system’s straightforward reporting tools provide clear insights into warehouse operations. This hassle-free approach streamlines day-to-day tasks, allowing staff to focus on more important work without getting bogged down by complicated software.


The Multi-Location Warehouse Management features in an iWMS offers a simple way for businesses to watch over and control various warehouses through one easy system. This is especially handy for larger companies as it gives them a clear picture of their warehouses' operations and staff performance. It streamlines the management process, allowing businesses to efficiently oversee activities across different locations without hassle.

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