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A True Interactive SRM for Building Strong Supplier Relationships

Manage Suppliers

How OS iSRM Works 

Fully automate your entire supply chain cycle, eliminate scattered emails and complex spreadsheets, centralize data, and boost efficiency, accountability, and transparency.

Easily create RFPs with request dates and send them to multiple suppliers of your choice. Then, wait for your suppliers to provide quotes, all without the need for phone calls, emails, or Excel sheets.

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Easy to Use

OrcaSmart iSRM distinguishes itself with a strong dedication to user-friendliness. Its meticulously crafted interface boasts intuitive navigation and straightforward menus, empowering users to effortlessly access the essential tools they need. This thoughtful design significantly reduces the learning curve, enabling users to become proficient without the need for extensive training.

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When you add suppliers to your iSRM, you gain the immediate ability to interact with them seamlessly. This includes features like real-time communication and secure data sharing, allowing you to collaborate efficiently and effectively.


Getting the best price is important, but quality service is often more important. With our iSRM (interactive Supplier Relationship Management), you can invite your current suppliers to join the platform, ensuring you have full control over your orders and eliminating surprises.


Our interactive collaboration features empower you to completely automate both your sales and operational cycles. With customers initiating RFPs, the rest is streamlined to a single click for entering or modifying essential information. This not only enhances your team's work efficiency but also significantly reduces errors caused by misunderstandings in scattered emails and Excel sheets.

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