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Efficiently Manage Inventory Across Multiple Locations. Gain Informed Insights for Better Decisions.

Inventory Insights

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How OS iIMS Works 

Efficiently track stock levels, monitor product movement, manage reordering, and gain valuable insights into your inventory health.

Mark inventory locations for easy retrieval by warehouse employees, ensuring efficient order fulfillment and eliminating the risk of forgotten inventory.

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Easy to Use

OrcaSmart iIMS distinguishes itself with a strong dedication to user-friendliness. Its meticulously crafted interface boasts intuitive navigation and straightforward menus, empowering users to effortlessly access the essential tools they need. This thoughtful design significantly reduces the learning curve, enabling users to become proficient without the need for extensive training.

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Multi-Warehouse Inventory

Provides businesses with a sophisticated tracking system, offering a comprehensive overview of stock levels across various locations. Facilitates optimal inventory distribution, ensuring efficient fulfillment processes and cost-effective stock management. It empowers enterprises to maintain an equilibrium between supply and demand, thus enhancing operational agility and minimizing surplus inventory costs.


Forecasting your inventory needs using historical data and demand analysis to predict future inventory needs accurately. With our advanced algorithms and data analytics, you can optimize inventory levels, reduce carrying costs, and ensure product availability.


Track your inventory history from the moment it starts production. If you ever need to trace it back to any stage, such as which customer you sold it to, with which batch number, when it was sold, from which warehouse, and who handled it, you can easily find all this information. This enables greater accountability and transparency in your operations.

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