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Sustainable Packaging Solution

Build a Greener World

Our vision is a Greener World, achieved by expediting the transition to Greentech Packaging Solutions and substantially reducing single-use plastic packaging.

B2B Packaging Marketplace

Finding New Suppliers

Locating the right packaging is a surprisingly complex task. Discovering eco-friendly packaging options is an even greater challenge.

Compare Pricing

Contacting various suppliers, obtaining numerous quotes, and then comparing them is not only time-consuming but also overwhelming.

Placing Order

Tracking the progress of every order is essential. Relying solely on emails and Excel spreadsheets for order management can lead to significant complications and oversights.

OrcaSmart Solutions for Your Packaging Needs

Searching for new suppliers, especially those specializing in sustainable packaging? Join OrcaSmart. We've designed solutions tailored to your needs. Within our OS Packaging Marketplace, you have access to suppliers from around the globe, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration. If you're struggling to find a suitable match, don't worry. Simply reach out, and our packaging consultants will curate a selection for you. What's more, our platform allows you to gather and compare multiple quotes in a unified space, ensuring you get the best pricing and service. Once you've placed an order, you can effortlessly monitor its progress using the OS Supply Chain management features. Your entire order process, simplified and streamlined, is just a click away with OrcaSmart.

Our legal team continuously tracks the evolving environmental regulations to ensure you're always informed. We're committed to helping you remain compliant at all times.

We guide you seamlessly towards adopting sustainable packaging. We understand that sustainable materials might not always be compatible with your products. But rest assured, we'll link you with a laboratory to conduct thorough testing before making any switch. If there's a mismatch, we're on hand to devise a solution, ensuring you remain on the sustainable path.

Together, let's pave the way for a greener future and bid farewell to single-use plastics.

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