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Quote the businesses who are Ready to Buy, before your competitors do.

Accelerate your business growth and experience unparalleled revenue increases with ready-to-buy opportunities submitted directly by the company's purchasing department.

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Intelligent Opportunity-Matching System

OrcaSmart matches you with opportunities from buyers who are ready to make a buying decision, significantly streamlining your sales team's workflow. By eliminating the need for prospecting, qualifying, and extensive cold outreach to find opportunities, your team can focus on providing quotes and closing deals. This not only simplifies the sales process but also boosts efficiency and increases the number of deals closed

Increased Sales Efficiency

Eliminating the need for prospecting, qualifying, and extensive cold outreach to find opportunities.

Higher Conversion Rates

Requests come directly from buyers who are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Shorten Sales Cycle

Allows your Sales team to focus on providing quotes and closing deals.


B2B Request For Proposals Daily


Packaging Suppliers Joined

$0.5 Million +

Opportunities Generated Daily

OS Intelligent Opportunity-Matching Platform is designed to streamline the process of connecting businesses with relevant, ready-to-buy opportunities. Utilizing advanced algorithms, machine learning, and data analytics, our platform efficiently matches companies with opportunities that align with their services, products, and strategic goals.

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Automated Matching

Automatically pairs businesses with opportunities based on their profiles, preferences, and capabilities, reducing the time and effort typically required to find suitable matches.


Allows users to set specific criteria and preferences to ensure the opportunities presented are the most relevant to their business needs.


Sends alerts to users when new opportunities that match their criteria become available, ensuring they never miss out on potential collaborations.

Comprehensive Database

Access to a wide range of opportunities from various industries and sectors, updated regularly to include the latest available options.

Analytics and Insights

Provides valuable insights into market trends, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and strategize effectively.


Offers features for communication and collaboration between businesses, facilitating smoother negotiations and partnerships.

OS Business Intelligent Platform
Aim precisely at ready-to-quote opportunities with OrcaSmart's intelligent opportunity-matching tools.

Discover the efficiency of OrcaSmart's Cost Per RQO Program, where you only pay for opportunities that are ready to Quote. Maximize your ROI through hyper-personalized outreach, all without incurring the hefty costs typically associated with such tailored strategies.

Shanta S., PA

“Our prices for bottles and closures have been reduced, thanks to the efficient RFP features of OrcaSmart."

Comprehensive Ready to Quote Opportunity Platform

A Complete Solution for All Your Procurement Needs

Effortless Convert Opportunity to Quote

Create your RFP, invite your supplier, and let our AI match you with additional suppliers for competitive quotes.

Insights and Analysis of Your offers

Experience the ease of finding reliable suppliers with our sophisticated AI-driven matching system.

Real-Time Project Progress Reports.

View quotes from multiple suppliers on one screen with indicators for the lowest price, best performance, and fastest lead time, for your quick and effective comparison.

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